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What is the best restaurant in the Business Opportunity North East area?
Where your reviews suggest you must eat in Newcastle Upon Tyne?
Where should I eat dinner around Northumberland?

The food outlets below are listed by category, good reviews and by location. You therefore can see at a glance which are the best, which are the nearest to Business Opportunity North East and which are the best value. The aim is that you will be able to plan your evening eating out with confidence and at speed!

Crucially the 'More' tag at the bottom of the review list goes to an Eating Out Map with all local Restaurants, Pizza Houses, Pubs and Takeaways around you. In case we have missed anything we have the Thompson All restaurant tag at the very bottom.

Enjoy eating out around Business Opportunity North East!
Ury Restaurant

27 Queen St, Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 3UG, UK – 0191 232 7799

Visited Thursday evening and really enjoyed the meal and time we had. The food was excellent. The service by Oorja was outstanding as it was extremely helpful and friendly and gave of her time too. Look forward to visiting again.

My wife and I really enjoyed our meal here. She loved the masala dosa!


31-33 Starbeck Ave, Newcastle upon Tyne NE2 1RJ, UK – 0191 261 5501

Fabulous food. Lovely atmosphere. Amazing lamb.

Came here a few weeks ago for an evening meal. The meal itself was delicious, albeit a little more expensive than I usually pay but it was worth it. My only issue, and the thing preventing me from rating any higher, was the quality of service. Although the staff were very friendly, my main meal came out covered in nuts (something I only realised after I started eating) despite the menu not saying anything about the meal including nuts. I’m allergic, so I was obviously a little concerned. I told the waiter, who was very apologetic, who then brought me out a fresh main. However, the main only included half of the ingredients that my original meal had. I told the waiter, and he brought me out a bowl of Falaffel (despite there being a number of things missing) only this time far less apologetic than before. Feeling uncomfortable, I refrained from commenting further. When we asked for the bill, my paltry main was still listed as full price (£15 for what was effectively half of what I ordered). I left feeling a little cheated and slightly awkward. We will be coming back (my girlfriend loved her meal) but I feel like it's worth mentioning!

Moulin Rouge Cafe & Grill

233 Westgate Rd, Newcastle upon Tyne NE4 6AD, UK – 0191 232 0276

Amazing food and great value. Been coming here for years and the quality has never dropped. Delicious food, friendly service. The lamb chops and the kofta are a must!

They don't have a TV so couldn't show any Iran world cup matches but the employees were very friendly and even recommended two competitor cafes who would show the match on TV! Top class customer service, highly recommend. The type of people who make customer service a priority over small money .

Best Reviewed Indian Restaurants and Takeaways in Business Opportunity North East or in Newcastle Upon Tyne area


29 Queen St, Quayside, Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 3UG, UK – 0191 221 0601

An excellent restaurant. The portions were well sized, rather than being the usual massive size in an Indian and were very good overall. The staff were friendly and attentive. The dal was really very good as was the lamb in a silky sauce. Interestingly, the menu did contain something for an 'iron stomach', which we didn't try, but were tempted by! Would suggest a visit.

First time visiting after Newcastle races. Great food great service huge naan breads! Highly recommend

Taj Palace Indian Restaurant

6 Bigg Market, Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 1UW, UK – 07414 891535

Very high standard food at competitive prices - excellent value. Great attentive and friendly service and an extremely important bonus for me as a woman dining alone early in the evening I was welcomed and allowed to feel comfortable - doesn't always happen! Well done Taj Palace!

Amazing curry ,beta than any in Bradford by far & that's where we're from curry capital, pah! Xx

Sachins Punjabi Restaurant

Forth Banks, Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 3SG, UK – 0191 232 4660

Lovely food. Been here couple of times and it's always good to go back to authentic Indian spices

Very convenient as right next to hotel. Staff were great and we were seated immediately. Menu had some nice unique dishes that you don't normally see. Food was excellent when served up. Absolutely nothing else that could have been better on the night.

Best Reviewed Italian Pasta and Pizza Restaurants

Jamie's Italian Newcastle

3 Monument Mall, Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 7AL, UK – 0191 500 0858

Lovely food and not badly priced. Very friendly and helpful staff. Arrived thinking we had tickets for the Theatre Royal, ordered thinking we had plenty of time. Turns out at the Tyne Theatre and had less time than we thought. Our server was great he asked the kitchen to speed our order through. Not bad for a high street restaurant chain.

The place was quiet compared to previous visits. We sat downstairs and were greeted quickly. The staff are great and are always cheerful and make guests welcome and looked after. The man dealing with my family and I today was great; cheering up my little one who was hyper/tired from the hot weather we've experienced today. We all enjoyed are meals which were promptly prepared and delivered. And the little one was given an activity pack to keep her entertained whilst waiting. The staff make the restaurant in my opinion.

Pani's Cafe

61-65 High Bridge, Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 6BX, UK – 0191 232 4366

This is a fabulous authentic Italian restaurant. They don't do pizza but the food is fantastic. Its staff are amazing, friendly, helpful and efficient. You can spend time there practicing your Italian or grab a quick meal before the theatre. It's great for lunches and evening meals. Very family orientated children are very welcome. It's got a bussley happy atmosphere, it's open every day except Sunday. Love it.

Amazing food for a surprisingly affordable price. The restaurant is family run and has a truly authentic feel. Whilst slightly hidden the restaurant is in the heart of the city and is the perfect location for a meal before seeing a play at the Theatre Royal.

ASK Italian

Unit S2-Sidgate Greys Quarter Intu Eldon Square Newcastle NE1 7XF GB, Sidgate, Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 7XF, UK – 0191 435 2104

When you first arrive at ASK Italian they give you shots of lemonade, the shot glass was a little dirty with what looked like garlic butter, but that was the only hygiene complaint of the night. Everyone enjoyed their meals, the pizzas and pastas are a very generous size. I unfortunately didn't enjoy my meal so ordered chips instead, and they were kind enough to take the original meal off our bill, as well as let another member of our party take the food home to eat later. The atmosphere of the restaurant is very nice and somewhat relaxed, they didn't mind us lighting a homemade birthday cake on the table. The lady who served us was lovely which definitely added to the experience. The bill came to around £100 for 8 people (mains and some desserts), and a 10% service charge was automatically added. Overall, a really nice place, reasonably prices, would definitely go again.

Great customer service. Brilliant fresh food in every category and a big pure Italian menu to choose from. Very happy eating here

Find the best reviewed Wine Bars and Nightclubs


Lower Dean Street, Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 3JE, UK – 0191 233 3733

I went on Friday and for a fun challenge instructed the bar staff to give me increasingly worse and worse drinks and see how gross I could get them before I couldn’t persuade a fellow punter to get one of their own. I started with a peach schnapps and tonic water. This was an easy sell because it’s cheap. I told a drunk lad next to me it was like a bellini “but for guys” and he gleefully knocked one back with only the faintest expression of confusion at the taste. I then asked for a bourbon martini as a joke but it turned out to be a real thing so I changed tack completely and got them to make me a tomato-tini. I told a group of women on a hen-do it was big in California where there are too many tomatoes and this is how they deal with the surplus. They must have been beyond wasted already because they got an entire round of them in and then asked me how I liked England. Full of confidence I invented a velvety, noxious drink made up of amaretto, cointreau, and brandy. I had to go back and get more ice for it because it really was just unbearable. The temperature drop settled things down a bit and after nearly 15 minutes (plus a second round because the first one got too warm) I was able to convince two girls to have a go after saying I once spent a night drinking them with Jarvis Cocker. I’d had way too many by now to convince anyone that my ‘Com Tollins’ was a legitimate drink. It was just gin and Tabasco with no ice and I couldn’t drink it without subtly holding my nose. Only two of the bar staff were still serving me and my stomach felt like it was full of gravel so I called it a night.

Very loud music. We got here before 8 so the cocktails were cheaper and were very good.


The Assembly Rooms, Fenkle St, Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 5XU, UK – 0191 232 8695

Hi went to a 18th birthday mocktail party yesterday . I work as a p.a. to young vulnerable adults and children. The staff were lovely very welcoming. The young barman Lewis who was hosting the mocktail making was brilliant. Some of the young adults needed some extra help and he was very patient and understanding. I'd like to say it's a lovely bar and the mocktail making everyone enjoyed this new experience. Thankyou Lewis and the staff at bonbar .

Decent upmarket cocktail bar, feels upmarket and feels like the sort of place to get dressed up to go to. Staff are very friendly and welcoming and its well worth the extra dosh you spend in there compared to other places. Location wise its not far from the train station and metro bus.

All Seeing Eye.

11 Groat Market, Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 1UQ, UK – 0191 260 3040

A good little place in the centre of Newcastle upon Tyne. It's very hidden though! You have to walk down the back of the rear entrance to nearby bars to get in! Then it's up some odd little stairs that look creepy! But once you get in, its a nice upstairs cocktail bar, with very friendly and helpful staff. There are some toilets too which are clearly added on in a way they werent meant to be there originally! Otherwise, it's great for renting for decent sized parties.

Chic little pub, rustic to the hilt! Recommended


Newcastle Upon Tyne Chinese Restaurants


Stowell St, Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 4YB, UK – 07815 606597

Had a lovely meal in the Landmark the staff are very pleasant and the restaurant is very nice and overall excellent .would recommend it. Definitely visit again .

One of the best Chinese restaurant my partner and I have been to.Lunch time special good value.

Happiness Inn

91A Percy St, Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 7RW, UK – 0191 232 5969

Delicious real chinese cuisine. Be wary if you have food intolerances though, as nothing is marked on the menu and the serving staff's English may be limited.

This is possibly the oldest chinese restaurant in newcastle (1960s) . The food is exceptional and service is very good. Very reasonably priced. They do an amazing lemon chicken best i ve ever had. They have a lot of chinese clientelle always have had in my experience which i think tells you a lot about the foid

Red Diner

38-42 Stowell St, Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 4XQ, UK – 0191 232 8200

Very Lovely restaurant. Great chinese dishes for good value. Really enjoyed the food. Quick service and friendly staff as well. Definitely recommend!

Amazing! All four spicy dishes we ordered tasted differently. You will never get bored with the food. Wonderful!

Newcastle Upon Tyne Vegetarian or Vegan Restaurants

Caspian Restaurant Turkish Cuisine

38 Grosvenor Rd, Newcastle upon Tyne NE2 2RP, UK – 0191 908 2744

Very pleased with our visit staff were very helpful when we order our food as we were unsure what was what. The food when it arrived was delicious not the usual Turkish food I have eaten in the past. Would definitely come back here again if I was in the area

Thank you so much for Turkish atmosphere. Reminds us of Bodrum holiday. Delicious food! Friendly and helpful staff. Nice Turkish music. Service was very quick and with presentation. Was not busy because I've been there in the lunch time. Need to change some decorations.. pictures on the wall for example...need more something in Turkish style.. But in general definitely come back!

The Bohemian

37 Pink Ln, Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 5DW, UK – 0191 261 5423

Honestly, perhaps my favourite restaurant ever. The staff our lovely, the atmosphere is great, and of course the food is great. The first time I had the (vegan) ice cream here I had to call the waitress over because I was worried that they had given us the real deal because it was that good! If you're in Newcastle and want vegetarian, vegan, or some different food, definitely check this place out. You have to book online but the website is easy to find and easy to use. Would give it more stars if I could!

My cousin was visiting from New Zealand and is a very strict vegan. I wanted to make an effort and take her somewhere where she could get more than a bowl of bland veg. After some research and lots of reading of reviews I booked The Bohemian. Wow, I was so impressed!! As a carnivore, I was open minded but also a little sceptical that I could truly enjoy vegan food, I was so wrong, it was really delicious, tasty, fresh, filling. We all had different dishes but all thoroughly enjoyed them. The pudding, chocolate cookie, chocolate brownie, ice cream and chocolate sauce was to die for and I've never tasted better. Service was great, waiting staff friendly and very helpful. Casual but quirky setting where you weren't rushed. I can't recommend this place enough, well done to everyone involved, you're doing everything right x

Red Mezze

36 Leazes Park Rd, Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 4PG, UK – 0191 261 9646

Enjoyed our food worth every penny.. Really tasty and absolutely filling. Staff were quite busy but always had a smile for everyone be back soon. I totally recommend if your in Newcastle......enjoy!

Food: Variety of choices of excellent quality. Staff: Freindly and accommodating. Service: it didn't take too long for the food to come after ordering. Location: city centre with easy access, a small outside seating area.

If you are looking for a either a meal or a drink this Business Opportunity North East Food and Drink page will show virtually all the Public Houses in Business Opportunity North East or near Newcastle Upon Tyne. Choose either the best reviewed pubs or the ones nearest to you. We list the best reviewed Pubs first. If you would like to see all the hospitality venues us click more. This also displays their a Business Opportunity North East street map with the location of all public houses. Enjoy!

Pub Food with Reviews, Maps and Links to their websites

The Schooner

S Shore Rd, Gateshead NE8 3AF, UK – 0191 477 7404

Just been today first time. Pleasant bar staff. Apparently has live music. A couple of couples were having food, we had sandwich, which was very nice.

Went on a Saturday afternoon and was pleasantly surprised when we got there to find out we could take our dogs inside. Was recommended by a friend because of the food and was not let down. Not a massive menu but everything was spot on with presentation and taste was amazing, portion sizes are proper. A good range of beers for the adults and a bowl of water and doggy treats at the bar for the fur babies, brilliant.

The Tyne Bar

1 Maling St, Newcastle upon Tyne NE6 1LP, UK – 0191 265 2550

Fantastic location. Well kept good range of beers. Friendly staff. Ticks all the boxes. Did I mention the fantastic location and good beer?

Wide selection of beer, both on tap and in bottles. Not cheap but decently priced. Tried the fries and onion rings which were decently priced and fairly large sizes, and were good. The reason for coming back would be because of the atmosphere, which is both chill and fun at the same time. Has outside seating that probably would be really nice, but no protection from rain outside. Would go again!

The Central

Half Moon Ln, Gateshead NE8 2AN, UK – 0191 478 2543

Proper old school real ale house. Good range of well kept beer. Friendly and welcoming. Well worth as visit.

Great little pub in Gateshead. Massive range of beers, good pub grub and a cosy atmosphere. The upstairs room is also an excellent resource for live music. The ease of access and low cost hire is ideal for grassroot bands and risky shows - they also have a lot that can be considered quite niche : from Goth, to abstract, to extreme and underground metal styles

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